Superannuation advice is easy to come by! Good superannuation advice is a lot harder. Balanced, considered and perfectly tailored superannuation advice is limited to those who have access to your whole story!

That's where NAFP come in to their own.

As Accountants, Tax specialists and Certified Financial Planners, we have a very broad view of your entire financial position and could be best placed to give the most effective solution for your unique circumstances.


Putting Your Superannuation to Work!

Apart from the obvious Retirement Planning, NAFP can advise on using your Super to work in your favour.

NAFP can give unbiased strategic advice on how to get the most from your superannuation contributions.  If that involves swapping to a better performing retail or industry super fund, then we can guide you through the pros and cons.

It is sometimes possible to use your superannuation for investment too.  Provided you have enough in your super and you are eligible, you can use your super in many ways.

Talk to our qualified advisors on the best way to maximise the benefits from your superannuation.