Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

What is a Self Managed Super Fund or SMSF?

Self Managed Super Funds are a special type of fund which, unlike a Retail or Industry fund, is managed and controlled by you as a trustee of the fund.

In effect, you can set up an SMSF as a Corporate Trustee and a Trust, with its own Tax File Number. The SMSF can contain one to four members, each with a controlling interest in the fund. 

The main benefit of an SMSF is that the Trustees have total control over the investment of their contributions and have access to more investment options that other super funds.

You choose where to invest your money. This benefit becomes substantial where you invest in a property that your business can occupy or a residential property. The Self Managed Super Fund will have a tenant it can trust to look after the property!

There are also significant tax planning benefits as well as combining contributions with other members, family or relatives to increase the fund balance and therefore the yield on that investment.



This is where NAFP come in!  Self Managed Super Funds, and all the benefits they offer, require careful and considered planning to maximise the return.

NAFP are experts in Self Managed Super Funds and will tailor strategies that will benefit the Trust as a whole and the  individual members too.  As Financial Planners, we are also ideally suited to advise on the most effective taxation strategy in relation to the SMSF.

Self Managed Super Funds benefit from concessional tax rates. While the fund is accumulating its investments, its investment income is capped at 15%. It gets even better when the fund goes into pension mode.


SMSF Services from NAFP

We have made Self-Managed Superannuation Funds easier for you.  We do the work for you

Services include:

  • Prepare Facts Find (gathering information for the SMSF) and SOA
  • Set  Up of Corporate Trustee & Super Fund Trust
  • Set  up Bare Trust & Corporate Trustee for purchase of property
  • Apply for Tax File Number & Australian Business Number for Corporate Trustee & Superfund Trust
  • Complete Rollover forms and fill in release forms to gain access to your current super fund
  • Complete forms to set up Cash Manager Account with the National Australia Bank, or you can choose your own bank account.
  • Organise/Liaise with the mortgage broker
  • Liaise with the solicitor or conveyance
  • We deposit the cheque for you

This is our area of expertise.   Because we are Certified Accountants, Taxation Specialists and Financial Advisers, we are in a prime position to help you create an investment via property to ensure that your retirement or building wealth will be achieved.


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