Business Advice

Small Business (SME) Solutions

At NAFP, we have worked with hundreds of businesses of all sizes over the years.

That has helped us to develop strategies and solutions for growth, investment and realisation.

Running a business is a challenging and often daunting prospect.  That is why savvy businesses like yours, engage the services of an independent adviser like NAFP.  We have the experience and knowledge to help you get the best outcome for your finances - letting you get on with what you do best - running your business!

There are many pitfalls and unseen opportunities in managing the finances of your business.  You can't be expected to know them all.  At NAFP we are experts in Accounting, Taxation and Financial Planning. That is why we have helped so many businesses over the years, to maximise their financial potential in ways specific to their own circumstances.

Let NAFP work out the most cost effective way you can maximise your hard earned cash, leaving you to concentrate on doing what you do!


Business Loans & Refinancing

From time to time, any business will need some kind of financial boost.  Whether it is to enable re-investment, capital outlay, expansion or general business development.

The world of Business Loans and Refinancing can be a very scary place!  You really do need to be right up-to-date on all the options if you want to make the right choice for you and your business.

You only need to watch the TV ads for a short time to see how many organisations there are out there, trying to get you to pay them to manage your loans, finance and debts! NAFP are your local partner.  We understand your needs and we get to know you, the individual.

We know what works for each individual client.  There is no one solution that fits all. Rather than fit everybody into a formula, we take the time to understand your circumstances, your short-term and long-term requirements and most of all, the way you do business.  These are all guiding factors in coming up with the perfect package, tailored for you.


Business Recommendations

Contacts, contacts, contacts!

That is the name of the game in business - and always has been!  At NAFP, our goal is to help, develop and improve our clients' position. Not only do we help businesses avoid unnecessary accounting and taxation costs, we also help them create wealth from their businesses activities.

But there is even more than that in running a successful business. With hundreds of clients from all sectors of business, we are perfectly placed to steer you in the direction of professional services that will be able to help you with all sorts of things.

Whether it is capital purchases, marketing, repairs and maintenance, even hard earned holidays! We are in a position to recommend providers from our huge database of trusted clients!

We do this, because if you are happy - we are happy!

Starting a Small Business (SME)

The most crucial aspect of any new business venture is to ensure the business is set up in the most appropriate way from the offset. 

Building a new business is hard enough, so ensuring the business entity type and structure is correct from the start will relieve some of the burden.

There are benefits from a taxation, liability and cashflow perspective that can be gained by structuring your business in the most cost effective manner. Planning is critical

Changing the business entity type later on could incur unnecessary cost and disruption.  Speaking to a NAFP advisor will maximise those benefits from the outset.

Our experience over the years, dealing with many types of business in all sectors, means we have qualified insights into the best practices for new small businesses (SME).

We also have an enormous range of specialist contacts and experts we can recommend to help you achieve success and growth in your new venture.

There is nothing we love more than to help and nurture new ventures to grow into healthy, viable enterprises. With NAFP as supportive partners alongside you, your business has the greatest chance possible to flourish!


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